Descendants of Deacon Edmund RICE . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Sep 2021

Compiler: John F. Chandler, Historian, Edmund Rice (1638) Association

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From  ____, (unknown) to ____, Achsah
From  ____, Agnes to ____, Deborah
From  ____, Deborah to ____, Elizabeth
From  ____, Elizabeth to ____, Eunice
From  ____, Eunice to ____, Hezadiah
From  ____, Huldah to ____, Lucy
From  ____, Lucy to ____, Margaret
From  ____, Margaret to ____, Mary
From  ____, Mary to ____, Mary
From  ____, Mary to ____, Persis
From  ____, Phebe to ____, Ruth
From  ____, Ruth to ____, Sarah
From  ____, Sarah to ____, Unknown
From  ____, Unknown to ABBOTT, John (Lt.)
From  ABBOTT, Joyce to ADAMS, Eunice
From  ADAMS, Experience to ALDEN, Drury
From  ALDEN, Elizabeth to ALLEN, Chester
From  ALLEN, Daniel to ALLEN, James Jr
From  ALLEN, Jemima to ALLEN, Miriam
From  ALLEN, Miriam to ALLEN, Thomas Jr
From  ALLEN, Timothy to ARNOLD, Joseph
From  ARNOLD, William to BACON, Abigail
From  BACON, Abijah to BACON, Stephen
From  BACON, Stephen to BAKER, Elizabeth
From  BAKER, Elizabeth to BALCOM, James
From  BALCOM, John to BALL, David
From  BALL, David to BALL, Sally
From  BALL, Samuel to BANNISTER, John
From  BANNISTER, Joseph to BARBER, Samuel
From  BARBER, Samuel to BARNES, Lucy
From  BARNES, Lucy to BARRETT, Elizabeth
From  BARRETT, Elizabeth to BARTLETT, Hannah
From  BARTLETT, Henry (Judge) to BATTELLE, Elizabeth
From  BATTELLE, Mary to BEAMAN, Lydia
From  BEAMAN, Mary to BELKNAP, Martha
From  BELKNAP, Mary to BENNETT, Susannah
From  BENNETT, Theodate to BENT, Matthias (Dea)
From  BENT, Micah to BIGELOW, Christopher Banister
From  BIGELOW, Comfort to BIGELOW, Meriam
From  BIGELOW, Nathaniel to BILLINGS, Lois
From  BILLINGS, Phinehas to BLANCHARD, Sarah
From  BLANCHARD, Sarah to BLOOD, Samuel
From  BLOOD, Samuel to BOUKER, Thankful
From  BOUTELL, Catherine to BOYD, William (Lt.)
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