Descendants of Deacon Edmund RICE . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Sep 2021

Compiler: John F. Chandler, Historian, Edmund Rice (1638) Association

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From  HUBBARD, Lucy to HUBBARD, Philena
From  HUBBARD, Phineas to HUBBARD, Susanna
From  HUBBARD, Thaddeus to HUMPHREY, Lucy
From  HUMPHREY, Mary to HUNT, William
From  HUNT, William 3d to JACKSON, Lucretia
From  JACKSON, Lucy to JENNINGS, Jonathan
From  JENNINGS, Joseph to JEWETT, Oliver
From  JEWETT, Sarah to JOHNSON, Persis
From  JOHNSON, Peter (Capt.) to JONES, Grace
From  JONES, Hannah to JOSLIN, James
From  JOSLIN, Jemima to KENDALL, Jonathan
From  KENDALL, Joseph to KEYES, Hannah
From  KEYES, Hannah to KILLEY, Mary
From  KILLY, Samuel to KING, John
From  KING, John (Capt.) to KINGSBURY,
From  KINGSBURY, Josiah to KNOWLTON, Abigail
From  KNOWLTON, Abraham to LAMBERT, Sarah
From  LAMPSON, Asa to LAWRENCE, Peter
From  LAWRENCE, Sarah to LELAND, Abial
From  LELAND, Abial to LELAND, Isaac
From  LELAND, Isaac to LELAND, Ursula
From  LELAND, William to LIVERMORE, Abigail
From  LIVERMORE, Abigail to LIVERMORE, Mary
From  LIVERMORE, Mehitabel to LOKER, John
From  LOKER, Jonas to LOVELL, Jonathan
From  LOVELL, Jonathan to LYNDE, Elizabeth
From  LYNDE, John to MARKS, Abigail
From  MARKS, Adonijah to MARTIN, Sarah
From  MARTIN, Thomas to MAVERICK, Abigail
From  MAXAM, Samuel to MAYNARD, Hezekiah
From  MAYNARD, Isaac to MAYNARD, Warren
From  MAYNARD, William to MEACHAM, Ashbel
From  MEACHAM, Benjamin to MERRIAM, Joseph
From  MERRIAM, Joseph to MIGHELL, James
From  MIGHELL, John to MILLER, Hannah
From  MILLER, Huldah to MIRICK, John (Capt.)
From  MIRICK, Nathaniel to MONTAGUE, Seth
From  MONTGOMERY, John to MOORE, David (Capt.)
From  MOORE, David to MOORE, Isaac
From  MOORE, Isaac to MOORE, Martha
From  MOORE, Martin to MOORE, Sarah
From  MOORE, Sarah to MORRIS, Mary
From  MORSE, Aaron to MORSE, Hannah
From  MORSE, Hannah to MORSE, Mary
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