Descendants of Deacon Edmund RICE . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Sep 2021

Compiler: John F. Chandler, Historian, Edmund Rice (1638) Association

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From  SHERBOURNE, Mary to SHUMWAY, David
From  SHUMWAY, Esther to SLEEMAN, Eunice
From  SLEEMAN, Lydia to SMITH, David
From  SMITH, David to SMITH, Jacob
From  SMITH, James to SMITH, Nathaniel
From  SMITH, Noah to SNOW, James
From  SNOW, James Jr to SPRAGUE, Hezekiah
From  SPRAGUE, Margaret to STEARNS, Bezaleel
From  STEARNS, Charlotte to STEARNS, Sarah
From  STEARNS, Thomas to STEVENS, Eunice
From  STEVENS, Gardner to STEVENS, Thankful
From  STEVENS, Willard to STONE, Abigail
From  STONE, Abigail to STONE, Elizabeth
From  STONE, Elizabeth to STONE, Josiah
From  STONE, Josiah to STONE, Rhoda
From  STONE, Ruth to STOW, David
From  STOW, David Jr to STOW, Thomas
From  STOWELL, Asa to STURGES, Solomon
From  STURTEVANT, Samuel to TAINTER, Hannah
From  TAINTOR, Mary to TAYLOR, Elizabeth
From  TAYLOR, Ephraim to TAYLOR, Ruth
From  TAYLOR, Samuel to TEMPLE, Joseph
From  TEMPLE, Joseph to THOMPSON, Lona
From  THOMPSON, Mary to TOWER, Jonathan
From  TOWER, Jonathan Jr to TREADWAY, Hannah
From  TREADWAY, Mary to TULLEN, Mary
From  TUPPER, Dorothy to UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth
From  UNDERWOOD, Hannah to VINCENT, Mercy
From  VINTON, Hannah to WALKER, Catherine
From  WALKER, Comfort to WALKER, Thomas
From  WALKER, William to WARD, Grace
From  WARD, Hannah to WARD, Richard
From  WARD, Ruth to WARNER, Anna
From  WARNER, Hannah to WARREN, Joel
From  WARREN, John to WARREN, Sarah
From  WARREN, Sarah to WATSON, Samuel 2d
From  WEARE, Mary to WELLES, Chauncy
From  WELLES, Daniel to WELLES, Roger (Gen)
From  WELLES, Roswell to WELLS, Ruth
From  WELLS, Ruth to WHEELER, Charles Adams
From  WHEELER, Comfort to WHEELER, Lois
From  WHEELER, Lucretia to WHEELER, Uriah
From  WHEELER, Uriah to WHEELOCK, Grace
From  WHEELOCK, Hannah to WHEELOCK, Patience
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