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The First Nine Generations of the Descendants of Edmund Rice, a CD in web page format produced from the Association computer database. The CD is in the same format as The Descendants of Edmund Rice, available on these pages. The CD is available for purchase by members of the Edmund Rice (1638) Association. If you are not a member, click here to join the association.
THE RICE FAMILY, by Andrew Henshaw Ward (1858) - reprint. A genealogical history of descendants of Deacon Edmund Rice who came from Berkhamstead, England, and settled in Sudbury, Massachusetts, in 1638. - 379 pages.  Along with this, you will receive SUPPLEMENT 1 TO "THE RICE FAMILY", published by the Association in 1967. Additions and corrections to the above volume. (soft cover) - 110 pages.
A GENEALOGICAL REGISTER OF EDMUND RICE DESCENDANTS, published by the Association in 1970. A continuation of A.H. Ward's RICE FAMILY and the supplement to that book, bringing it up to date at the time of publication. - 1594 pages. This book is out of print but is available for purchase on CD.
SUPPLEMENT #2, (PART 1) TO "THE RICE FAMILY", published by the Association in 1983. Additional lines of descent through the first eight generations which were unknown at the time of publication of the above books. - 224 pages.
SUPPLEMENT #2, (PART 2) TO "THE RICE FAMILY" , published by the Association in 1985. A continuation of Part 1 (above) from the ninth generation to the present. - 720 pages.
EDMUND RICE AND HIS FAMILY, by Elsie Hawes Smith (1938). A historical narrative about the early days of the Rices; contains much genealogical information, as well as being a charming story. This is in the same volume as WE SOUGHT THE WILDERNESS, by Rev. Claton Rice (1949). Another historical narrative, but based on those Rices who pushed Westward to the prairies after short stays in New Hampshire and Vermont. The two reprints are combined in one volume, printed by the Association in 1986. - 357 pages.

For more information and pricing, contact Michael Rice, ERA Book Custodian.
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