Descendants of Deacon Edmund RICE . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Sep 2021

Compiler: John F. Chandler, Historian, Edmund Rice (1638) Association

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From  BOYDEN, Darius to BRADISH, Hannah
From  BRADISH, Hepzibeth to BRAGG, Lucy
From  BRAGG, Lucy to BREWER, Elizabeth
From  BREWER, Elizabeth to BREWER, Martha
From  BREWER, Martha to BRIDGE, Nathaniel
From  BRIDGE, Phebe to BRIGHAM, Abigail
From  BRIGHAM, Abigail to BRIGHAM, David Jr
From  BRIGHAM, Deborah to BRIGHAM, Hannah
From  BRIGHAM, Hannah to BRIGHAM, Joseph Jr (Lt)
From  BRIGHAM, Josiah to BRIGHAM, Mary
From  BRIGHAM, Mary to BRIGHAM, Rebecca
From  BRIGHAM, Rebecca to BRIGHAM, Thomas
From  BRIGHAM, Thomas to BRINTNALL, Phineas
From  BRINTNALL, Phineas to BROOKS, Lucy
From  BROOKS, Lydia to BROWN, Deliverance
From  BROWN, Elias to BROWN, Nancy
From  BROWN, Patience to BRUCE, Olive
From  BRUCE, Phineas to BUGBEE, Nancy
From  BUGBEE, Polly to BULLARD, Isaac
From  BULLARD, Isaac to BULLARD, Thankful
From  BULLARD, Timothy to BUTLER, Abigail
From  BUTLER, Anna to CAPEN, James (Capt.)
From  CAPEN, John to CARTER, Josiah (Col.)
From  CARTER, Levi to CHAMBERLAIN, William
From  CHAMPNEY, Sarah to CHILD, Mary
From  CHILD, Mehitabel to CLARK, Anna
From  CLARK, Anne to CLARK, William
From  CLARKE, Esther to CLOYES, Keziah
From  CLOYES, Peter (Capt) to COLLER, Priscilla
From  COLLER, Zebiah to COOK, Cornelius
From  COOK, Daniel to COOK, Thomas
From  COOK, Timothy (Ensign) to COOLIDGE, Mary
From  COWLES, Elizabeth to CROOKS, Sarah
From  CROOKS, Uriah to CURTIS, Christian
From  CURTIS, David to CUSHING, Elizabeth
From  CUSHING, Job (Col) to CUTLER, Thomas
From  CUTLER, Thomas to CUTTING, Sarah
From  CUTTING, Susan to DAMON, Mary
From  DAMON, Mary to DARBY, Joseph
From  DARBY, Lois to DAVIS, Anna
From  DAVIS, Anna to DAVIS, John Lane
From  DAVIS, Jonas to DAVIS, Ruth
From  DAVIS, Ruth to DEATH, Jotham
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