Descendants of Deacon Edmund RICE . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Aug 2020

Compiler: John F. Chandler, Historian, Edmund Rice (1638) Association

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Index of persons in this report (first occurrence)

From  ____, (unknown) to BOWMAN, Hannah
From  BOWMAN, Jonas (Capt.) to DEATH, Mary
From  DEATH, Ruth to GOODNOW, Moses
From  GOODNOW, Moses to HUBBARD, Mary
From  HUBBARD, Mary to MORSE, Ruth
From  MORSE, Ruth to RICE, Emery
From  RICE, Emery to SHERMAN, Sarah
From  SHERMAN, Susannah to WHIPPLE, Joseph
From  WHIPPLE, Lucina to ZEIGLAR, Catherine
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