Descendants of Deacon Edmund RICE . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Aug 2023

Compiler: John F. Chandler, Historian, Edmund Rice (1638) Association

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From  WHEELOCK, Lois to WHEELOCK, Sumner
From  WHEELOCK, Susanna to WHITCOMB, Ephraim
From  WHITCOMB, Eunice to WHITCOMB, William
From  WHITCOMB, William to WHITE, Eunice
From  WHITE, Eunice to WHITE, Lois
From  WHITE, Lois to WHITE, Sarah
From  WHITE, Sarah to WHITNEY, Daniel
From  WHITNEY, Daniel to WHITNEY, Lucy
From  WHITNEY, Luther to WHITNEY, Sybil
From  WHITNEY, Thankful to WILDER, Beulah
From  WILDER, Calvin to WILDER, Joseph
From  WILDER, Joseph (Capt.) to WILDER, Sarah
From  WILDER, Sarah to WILLARD, Daniel
From  WILLARD, Daniel to WILLARD, Pethula
From  WILLARD, Phebe to WILLIAMS, Israel
From  WILLIAMS, Jacob to WILLIS, Eunice
From  WILLIS, Experience to WILSON, Nathaniel
From  WILSON, Nathaniel to WINSLOW, Kenelm
From  WINSLOW, Kenelm Jr to WOLCOTT, Mehitabel
From  WOOD, Abel to WOOD, Samuel (Capt.)
From  WOOD, Sarah to WOODS, Benjamin Jr
From  WOODS, Caroline to WOODS, John
From  WOODS, John Jr to WOODWARD, Eleanor
From  WOODWARD, Esther to WRIGHT, Hannah
From  WRIGHT, Hannah to ZEIGLAR, Catherine
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