Descendants of Deacon Edmund RICE . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Sep 2021

Compiler: John F. Chandler, Historian, Edmund Rice (1638) Association

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From  DEATH, Lusinda to DIGGINS, Naomi
From  DIKE, Nicholas to DRAPER, Zenas
From  DRESSER, Mehitable to DRURY, David
From  DRURY, David to DRURY, Experience
From  DRURY, Gershom (Capt.) to DRURY, Josiah
From  DRURY, Josiah to DRURY, Mary
From  DRURY, Mehetabel to DRURY, Submit
From  DRURY, Susanna to DUDLEY,
From  DUDLEY, to DUNCAN, John
From  DUNCAN, Levinah to EAGER, Hannah
From  EAGER, Hannah to EAMES, Abigail
From  EAMES, Anna to EARL, Mary
From  EARL, Ralph to EATON, Samuel
From  EATON, Samuel to ELLINGWOOD, Thomas Jr
From  ELLIS, Catherine to FAIRBANK, Sarah
From  FAIRBANK, Sarah to FAIRBANKS, Silence
From  FAIRBANKS, Submit to FARRER, Joseph (Rev)
From  FARRINGTON, Daniel (Capt) to FAY, Esther
From  FAY, Eunice to FAY, Nahum
From  FAY, Nathan to FELTON, Hepzibah
From  FELTON, Jacob to FISK, Arathusa
From  FISK, Azubah to FISKE, Daniel
From  FISKE, Daniel to FISKE, Stephen
From  FISKE, Submit to FLETCHER, Mary
From  FLETCHER, Mary to FORBUSH, Abel
From  FORBUSH, Abigail to FORBUSH, Kate
From  FORBUSH, Katherine to FORBUSH, Thomas
From  FORBUSH, Thomas to FRENCH, Hannah
From  FRENCH, Jesse to FROST, Samuel (Capt)
From  FROST, Sarah to GALE, Lucy
From  GALE, Mary to GASSETT, Darius
From  GASSETT, Hannah to GATES, Esther
From  GATES, Experience to GATES, Nathaniel
From  GATES, Nathaniel to GATES, Solomon
From  GATES, Stephen to GIBBS, Eunice
From  GIBBS, Ezra to GIBSON, Joseph Jr
From  GIBSON, Lois to GILMAN, Deborah
From  GILMAN, Jemima to GLEASON, Martha
From  GLEASON, Mary to GODDARD, James
From  GODDARD, Joseph to GODDING, William Jr
From  GODFREY, James (Capt.) to GOODENOW, Bannister
From  GOODENOW, Beulah to GOODENOW, John (Capt)
From  GOODENOW, John to GOODENOW, Nathan
From  GOODENOW, Oliver to GOODNOW, Ephraim
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