Descendants of Deacon Edmund RICE . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Sep 2021

Compiler: John F. Chandler, Historian, Edmund Rice (1638) Association

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From  GOODNOW, Ezekiel to GOULD, Amos
From  GOULD, David to GOVE, Mary
From  GRAGG, Elizabeth to GREEN, John
From  GREEN, John to GREENWOOD, Samuel
From  GREENWOOD, Samuel to GROUT, Isaac
From  GROUT, John to HAGAR, John
From  HAGAR, John to HALE, Jerusha Mariah
From  HALE, John (Col.) to HALL, Jane
From  HALL, John to HAMMOND, Mary
From  HAMMOND, Mary to HARDING, Esther
From  HARDING, Jerusha to HARDY, Prudence
From  HARDY, Rachel to HARRINGTON, Edward
From  HARTSHORN, Sarah to HASTINGS, Benjamin
From  HASTINGS, Calvin to HAVEN, Betty
From  HAVEN, David to HAWES, Susan
From  HAWKINS, Abigail to HAYNES, Anna
From  HAYNES, Benjamin to HAYNES, Jeremiah
From  HAYNES, Jerusha to HAYNES, Peter
From  HAYNES, Peter to HAYWARD, Mary
From  HAYWARD, Samuel to HEATON, Samuel
From  HECOX, Truman to HEYWOOD, Aaron
From  HEYWOOD, Abel to HEYWOOD, John
From  HEYWOOD, John to HEYWOOD, Rebecca
From  HEYWOOD, Relief to HILDRETH, Abigail
From  HILDRETH, Anna to HINDS, Jacob
From  HINDS, Mary to HODGES, Jonathan
From  HODGES, Josiah to HOLLISTER, Alexander
From  HOLLISTER, Amanda to HOLT, Phebe
From  HOLTON, Hepzibah to HOUGHTON, Ephah
From  HOUGHTON, Eunice to HOUGHTON, Thankful
From  HOUGHTON, Timothy (Capt.) to HOW, Dorothy
From  HOW, Dorothy to HOW, King
From  HOW, Lavinia to HOW, Peter
From  HOW, Peter to HOWARD, Rebecca
From  HOWE, Aaron to HOWE, Edmund
From  HOWE, Eleazer (Capt) to HOWE, Jenny
From  HOWE, Joel to HOWE, Mary
From  HOWE, Mary to HOWE, Stephen
From  HOWE, Stephen to HUBBARD, Artemas
From  HUBBARD, Arvilla to HUBBARD, Elizabeth
From  HUBBARD, Elizabeth to HUBBARD, John
From  HUBBARD, John to HUBBARD, Lucy
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