Descendants of Deacon Edmund RICE . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Sep 2021

Compiler: John F. Chandler, Historian, Edmund Rice (1638) Association

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From  MORSE, Mary to MORSE, Sylvanus
From  MORSE, Thomas to MOSEMAN, Timothy
From  MOSSMAN, Deidamia to MUTZENBEEKER, Louisa A.
From  MUZZEY, Abigail to NEWTON, Artemas
From  NEWTON, Asa to NEWTON, Elnathan
From  NEWTON, Ephraim to NEWTON, Josiah
From  NEWTON, Judith to NEWTON, Paul
From  NEWTON, Persis to NEWTON, Thaddeus
From  NEWTON, Thankful to NIMS, Anna
From  NIMS, Betsey to NURSE, Elizabeth
From  NURSE, Hannah to OLDS, Sarah
From  OLDS, William to OSGOOD, Luke
From  OSGOOD, Mary to PARK, Eleanor
From  PARK, Elizabeth to PARKER, Simon
From  PARKER, Solomon to PARMENTER, Bathsheba
From  PARMENTER, Benjamin to PARMENTER, Mary
From  PARMENTER, Mary to PATCH, Stephen
From  PATCH, Thankful to PENNIMAN, Nathan
From  PENNIMAN, Silas to PERRY, Martha
From  PERRY, Mary to PHILLIPS, Daniel
From  PHILLIPS, Ebenezer H. to PIERCE, Mary
From  PIERCE, Mary to PIKE, Zachariah
From  PINE, Philip to POTTER, John (Capt.)
From  POTTER, Jonas to PRATT, Anna
From  PRATT, Anna Sephira to PRATT, Josiah
From  PRATT, Lavina to PRATT, Sarah
From  PRATT, Seth to PRESCOTT, John
From  PRESCOTT, John (Capt.) to PROUTY, Sarah
From  PROVENDER, Hannah to PUTNAM, Josiah
From  PUTNAM, Rufus to RAYMOND, Lucy
From  RAYMOND, Lydia to REED, Lois
From  REED, Margaret to RICE, Abel
From  RICE, Abel to RICE, Abigail
From  RICE, Abigail to RICE, Adonijah
From  RICE, Adonijah to RICE, Anna
From  RICE, Anna to RICE, Asa
From  RICE, Asa to RICE, Benjamin
From  RICE, Benjamin to RICE, Betty
From  RICE, Betty to RICE, Cecile Aonwentsiio
From  RICE, Charles to RICE, Daniel
From  RICE, Daniel to RICE, Deliverance
From  RICE, Dinah to RICE, Edmund
From  RICE, Edmund to RICE, Elina
From  RICE, Elisha to RICE, Elizabeth
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