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The Edmund Rice (1638) Association is in the midst of a project of DNA analysis, both to determine the haplotype of immigrant Edmund Rice of Sudbury, Massachusetts, and to discover whether there is any connection to other Rice families. Part of our effort has been directed toward determining how readily compared are the DNA reports from different testing laboratories. Naturally, we want Rices in both North America and Great Britain to have convenient access to a suitable laboratory.

We can now report direct results of one person submitting buccal samples to the three academic labs for Y Chromosome DNA analysis. The three reports were received between October 2001 and January 2002. The following table reports the allele values exactly as received from the labs, without any changes or corrections. (We benefited from the recent upgrade to FTDNA's reporting procedure, which now includes the offsets directly.) We note that the results for DYS 389i and 389ii are complicated by changes in the accepted nomenclature, and that the discrepancies for these two loci are apparent, rather than real, but these are, in fact, the numbers that were reported. The columns containing unexplained discrepancies have headers colored red.

As can be seen from the empty squares in the table, the three labs did not all have the same testing repertory. Indeed, two of the labs reported loci that did not appear in either of the other reports, so that no comparison is available. We have left those loci out of the table. Some labs are now offering reports that cover more loci, but we have not yet received any of these "next-generation" results.

Comparison of Y DNA results from three labs for the same person
DYS Locus19385a385b388389i389ii390391392393426439

RelGen:    Relative Genetics
OxAnc:    Oxford Ancestors
FTDNA:  Family Tree DNA

For additional information about the Edmund Rice (1638) Association study, send e-mail to John Chandler or Bob Rice.

For additional information about one-name DNA studies, visit Chris Pomery's web pages at: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~allpoms/genetics1a.html

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